yellow rose I’m putting a lot of flower photos up on the blog because we won’t have them when it’s winter again. 😉 Loved seeing this summer yellow rose outside my apartment building. I like to get fresh flowers once a week and have them in a vase by my computer.

Book Update: Within the next day or so, Love Imagines will be available on as a paperback, in case you like that format better than an ebook. Work continues on the seventh Sully Point book. It features Charlotte, the sister of Ben Sterling who was a main character in the previous book. I am thoroughly enjoying writing about Charlotte.

Here’s today’s delicious food item from Sully Point, found in Deb’s Deli – Chicken Pasta Salad. The key is to use a mix of mayo and olive oil as the dressing to the salad. The salad includes: The Lost City of Z 2017 movie streaming

  • cooked chicken (poached, roasted, or broiled)
  • green and red bell peppers
  • sweet vidalia onion
  • black olives
  • mayo and olive oil
  • cooked tri-color rotini pasta

strawberries photoI’m drinking a strawberry smoothie as I write this blog entry. Strawberry smoothies always seems like a summer drink to me. I was thinking the other day about summer, as most of the country swelters in vicious heat. Here in New England we’ve been having ninety degree weather with a ton of humidity. I have memories of summers in Florida growing up, time spent at the beach, or at backyard barbecues. The weather in my memory does not appear to have been nearly as intense as what we have now.

The summer of my memories was filled with water sports, swimming and water skiing, or riding in boats. I remember a crab fest we had one night after getting a bunch of crabs while we were out on the water. The dining room table was covered in newspapers, with the cooked crabs piled in the middle. Neighbors came over and we had a grand time eating that seafood and talking and laughing. Summer makes me think of freshly-mown grass, the smell of suntan lotion, being able to wear sandals and shorts and not having to bundle up for winter. Summer meant no school, and days of sleeping late after staying up watching old horror movies on tv. But best of all, summer was reading time. Book after book, stories to read for pleasure and escape to new and different worlds, and all the time in the world to read them.

pink and white flowersSo my advice for this summer is to grab a good book, in paperback or on your kindle or other ebook reader. Escape from the heat with a story that grabs your attention and makes you want to stay up all night reading. Have fun, readers!

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