lavender flowers Yes, it’s time. Time to clear out all the old stuff from my apartment. I spent the other day going through clothing, setting aside anything I haven’t worn in a while to be given to the Salvation Army. It’s very freeing getting rid of things. It makes me feel that I have more room in my apartment, even if it’s only more room in some drawers. I’ve also been giving away old paperback books that I now store on my Kindle. I have the habit of re-reading books, which I may have mentioned here before. Basically, re-reading for me is like seeing an old friend and resuming a conversation that was fun.

clock Isn’t this a great clock? I think it belongs in Frank and Betsy Grainger’s house in Sully Point. I was thinking about time when I was working on sorting through stuff to take out of my apartment. Time just flies by sometimes, and we collect various pieces of cool stuff, junk, or necessary items as the time goes by. Then at some point the stuff becomes overwhelming and takes over. By minimizing it, I feel all fresh and new and like I’ve somehow turned the clock back.Life 2017 movie streaming

In my life, I’m very used to the vagaries of time. Time runs slow at times and then super fast. I can be writing and be completely absorbed in my work. Then, when I look at a clock, I can be amazed that not much time has gone by at all. It is like I’ve been existing outside of time. On the other hand, on days when the words just don’t flow, it works two ways. One way is that the clock moves fast and I am suddenly at the end of the day with nothing to show for all that time. Other days, the time drags and I feel the day will never end.

red flowers Time speeds up when you have children. Watching them grow is like putting life on fast forward. In today’s world, I think we have to make the time to slow down, to pamper ourselves, to, yes, stop and smell the flowers. 😉 It’s too easy to get caught up in everything going on in the news, online in social media, at work, and then at home with family and friends…so that sometimes the priorities get flipped and we spend the least amount of time with those most important to us. The one thing I know about time for sure, is that we can’t get it back once it’s gone by. Take the time to tell someone you love them, gather up a bouquet of flowers for yourself or someone else to enjoy. I’m saying all this to remind myself to do these things. My goal: use time wisely and have no regrets in the end.

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