Edible enchiladas and flowers

Lots of appointments outside the house this past week led to not as much writing getting done, which is always frustrating. I found myself in one waiting room, jotting down a scene for the Sully Point book I’m working on, using a scrap piece of paper and having to write very tiny. I clearly need a tablet! It’s funny how fast the tablet became prevalent in all our lives. Well, not in my life just yet, but hopefully soon. 😉

flowers fuschia It live streaming film online

I made a big batch of Chicken Enchiladas yesterday, with plenty to freeze for later. I like to do that on a regular basis, freezing meals that I can microwave in a hurry on days when I either don’t feel like cooking, or am too into the writing to stop for long. Cooking every day has never been my strong suit. Okay, if forced, I could probably make a batch of brownies every day, but you get the idea.

Is anyone else out there watching Under the Dome, that new series? I like it so far, but it has the feel of one of those shows that can either go downhill fast or end up really good.

paperweightMy friend, R, went to a cooking class the other day that used edible flowers. I anticipate having some at her house very soon. She says the yellow day lily is the most tasty of those she’s tried. Evidently, the flower is cleaned, and you eat just the petals. The recipe she’s going to make includes a small scoop of savory cheese spread served inside the day lily blossom. The color of the flower is important, because when it is darker the taste changes. A bright yellow day lily is what you want. Also, the flowers should be homegrown, with no chemicals used. As R puts it, “You have to know your flowers,” a bit of advice that I think applies to much in life.

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