Autumn Joys

pumpkin I love Autumn. The feel of the cooler air as the wind ruffles my hair…the smells of woodsmoke from chimneys…the vibrant colors on the leaves falling everywhere…all of these energize me, making me want to write, or cook, or throw a party. Today I was taking a walk and saw this pumpkin in someone’s yard, waiting for Halloween. It was like a sign saying, “Yes! Autumn is finally here!”Transformers: The Last Knight live streaming film

And for my readers, yes, book seven of the Sully Point series is definitely coming out this month. It will be called Love Surprises. It’s in the final editing phase, and should be back in my hands soon for the last corrections and then formatting. I’ll post again here and on facebook as soon as it is available.

Music I listened to for the final phase of the book: Carrie Underwood
Good Autumn food: Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookies
Favorite Classic Movie I watched during downtime: Rear Window (Hitchcock version)

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