Sully Point Series

The Sully Point Series, By Nicole Smith

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Love Makes the Difference

Book 1 – Love Makes the Difference – ebook
Book 1 – Love Makes the Difference – paperback

Sam walked into Anna’s life one morning in the small town of Sully Point. She’d never seen a man as handsome, and he found himself intrigued by a woman who wasn’t his type. Both Sam and Anna have secret lives they want to keep hidden, but when love enters the picture, will the secrets come spilling out? Will fame and fortune get in the way of true love? Romance, danger, and love awakening are all happening in the first book of the Sully Point series.

Love Makes the Difference (Sully Point, #1)

Love Finds the One

Book 2 – Love Finds the One – ebook
Book 2 – Love Finds the One – paperback

Cody Grainger was looking for ‘the one.’ The arrival of Julia Tremaine to Sully Point, brought his search to a sudden halt. As Julia, an ad exec, recuperates from a case of burn-out, Cody is there to help in every way. Even as the possibility of love blooms, Cody and Julia find that sometimes it takes more than love to find a happy ending. In this novel of love’s discovery, will Julia find a way to make a life for herself? Has Cody found his one true love?

Love Finds the One (Sully Point Book, #2)

Love Captures the Heart

Book 3 – Love Captures the Heart – ebook
Book 3 – Love Captures the Heart – paperback

Holly Grainger grew up in Sully Point, but loves the big city where she works as head of her own personnel agency. Jason Earlington has taken the city by storm with his innovative architectural designs. When the two meet up in Sully Point, passion flares between them, but neither one is ready for a commitment. They devise a scheme to see each other without involvement, but can it succeed when the two are so drawn to one another? Can each of them overcome losses from their pasts to move forward into a shining future?

Love Captures the Heart (Sully Point, #3)

Love Promises

Book 4 – Love Promises – ebook
Book 4 – Love Promises – paperback

The holiday season meant one thing to Maggie–she needed a man. Tired of all the matchmaking in Sully Point, Maggie Carter decides to hire a man to be her boyfriend for the holidays. She finds Eric Stanton, a dark haired, green-eyed hunk, a musician who is more than willing to play boyfriend for her. Drawn to each other, the two quickly realize they aren’t acting anymore. As Eric and Maggie learn about each other and their feelings, they discover that love promises more than they ever expected.

Love Promises (Sully Point, #4)


Love Believes

Book 5 – Love Believes – ebook
Book 5 – Love Believes – paperback
Beth Carter flees to Sully Point after a bad experience in Hollywood. A beautiful, young, aspiring actress, she is almost ready to give up her dreams, when a new job in town offers her a fresh outlook. William Christopher, the charismatic, yet grumpy, director from the city knows that Beth is too young and beautiful for him…and she’s an actress. Obsessed with his work, he is stunned to find himself drawn to her. Can Sully Point once again work its magic and help two souls find each other?

Love Believes (Sully Point, #5)


Love ImaginesBook 6 – Love Imagines – ebook
Book 6 – Love Imagines – paperback
Rose Carter is moving to Sully Point on sabbatical from her job as a trauma doctor. Her plans include a vacation and spending lots of time with her family. Ben Sterling is an actor, fresh from his latest movie, heading to Sully Point to play the lead in summer stock. When he and Rose meet on the way there, the attraction is immediate and mutual. But one problem looms large, and that is Ben’s ex-girlfriend turned stalker. Rose and Ben find that they must face danger and struggles on the way to love that lasts.

Love Imagines (Sully Point, # 6)

Love Surprises

Book 7 – Love Surprises – ebook
Book 7 – Love Surprises – paperback
Charlotte Sterling was excited about starting her new job at the Sully Point Clinic. Sister to Ben Sterling, the actor, and best friends with his wife, Doctor Rose Carter, she would be the town’s nurse practitioner. Everything seemed perfect, including her love life, until she was devastated by betrayal. Looking for a fresh start, Charlotte settles into her new life in Sully Point. Will love surprise her in the end? It is Sully Point, after all. It just might.

Love Surprises (Sully Point, #7)

Love Answers Front cover

Book 8 – Love Answers – ebook
Book 8 – Love Answers – paperback
How real can an internet romance be? Two newcomers to Sully Point are about to find out, as they struggle with the idea of meeting ‘in real life’ or ending their relationship. The Grainger family and other familiar faces in town are there to add help, advice, and summer fun as two hearts discover if they were meant to be together.

Love Answers (Sully Point, #8)

front cover Love Tides

Book 9 – Love Tides – ebook
Book 9 – Love Tides – paperback
The matchmakers of Sully Point are stirred up with the news. The four siblings of the Newcastle family have arrived and every one is single! As old friends in town meet the newcomers, old enemies surface, new alliances are forged, and change sweeps through Sully Point. The oldest Newcastle sister, Alison, decides to experience her life to the fullest when she moves to Sully Point. What she never expects is to have two men wanting to date her. Even more surprising is that she is attracted to both of them. Throwing caution to the wind, Alison embarks on a whirlwind of romance as she searches for love and learns to trust again.

Love Tides (Sully Point Book 9)


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